The Limitations In An Illinois Sr22 Insurance

To start, SR22 insurance is not another form of insurance cover which is what a lot of people think it is. An SR22 is a certificate of financial responsibility. So the assumption that an Illinois sr22 insurance for example is the same as a regular vehicle insurance is not correct. For one thing, an Sr22 certificate needs to filed by your insurance provider for a determined period of time; usually about 1 to 3 years. Should you fail to maintain the SR22, then the insurance provider can cancel the certificate and inform the State. After which the state reserves the right to suspend your driving privileges by revoking your license and cancelling the SR22 completely. This means that SR22s are vehicle liability policies that have to be filed with the State. SR22s also have minimum limits which are pretty much the same limits which is set on regular car insurance policies.

States have different minimum requirements when it comes to filing an SR22. Illinois sr22 filing for instance requires you to meet specific minimum requirements when it comes to liability. The minimum coverage amount has to be issued for a minimum of $20,000 if there’s one person injured or killed, $40,000 for two or more people that are injured or killed in the accident and a $15,000 maximum coverage for any type of property damage. If you’re required to get an SR22, talk to your insurance provider as soon as possible for them to start the filing process right away.